Mia Drake Inderbitzin Actress
Mia Drake Inderbitzin
Goodbye  Lead/Tina - Dir: Jinyu Olivia Liu

Provenance  Lead/Pamela - Dir: Alanna Hoffman

Merrily  Meadow - Dir/Writer/Pro: Robert McAtee

Slumdog Millionaire (Oscar-Best Movie, SAG-Best Cast)  
Adele -Supporting, Dir: Danny Boyle
Her Collection   Mother-Principle - Dir: Rosita Lama Muvdi
Pierced Heart   Starring - Prophecy Films
The Round   Starring - USC Grad Film
Mothers of Angels   Supporting - Chapman University Grad Film
Disconnected - Family   Principle - Casey Donahue, Director, Elite Daily
Mumbai Calling    Co-Star  -  Allan McKeown, Director, ITV

The King of Queens    Co-Star  -  Rob Schiller, Director

Total Security    Co-Star  -  Joe Ann Fogle, Director

Quantum Leap    Featured  -  Don Bellisario, Director

Unsolved Mysteries    Principle -  Johanna Demetrakas, Director

Goodnight Chicago    Host  -  Chicago, IL.
Voice Over
Nokia, Delta, County of LA, ACS, Avatar, Ingersoll Rand, Animation characters, Hannah Rose Knows (children's book series)
The Two Gentlemen of Verona (LA Times Critic's Choice)    
Lucetta, Outlaw    Eclectic Theater, (Dir. James Serpento)

Casanova    Uta, Mlle. Charpillion    Open Fist Theatre Company
Agnes Of God    Agnes (lead)    Chicago Cooperative Stage
Look Back in Anger  Alison Porter (lead)    Gardner Stages
Women of Manhattan    honda Louise (lead)    The Complex, C.O.L.S.A.C. Productions

The Knacker's ABC (LA Weekly Nom.)    Postmistress    Open Fist Theatre Company

Reality and Other Nightmares    Anne (lead)    Theatre Geo, L.A. (Dir: Deborah LaVine)
Cementville    Tiger (lead)    Theatre Geo

Sing For Me, Naxhie    Naxhie (lead)    Bailiwick Director’s Festival (Winner)Chicago

Mis Millicent's Fall Recital   Sketch Comedy    Open Fist Theatre Company

Metaphysics in the Gas-Tank    Driver    Open Fist Theatre Company

The Rivals    Julia    Matrix Theater, Demeter Theater

The Hollywood Wannabees    Sketch Comedy Show       The Next Stage

Beginning Again (Summer Charades, Snowballs)    Sylvia    Theatre Geo

The Imaginary Invalid    Docteur Fleurant    LA County Court House (for the O.J. Jury)   
Paris Is Out    Arlene (lead)    Devonshire Playhouse, Chicago

Cinderella and the Several Dwarfs (Panto)    Prince Charmin (lead)  Delhi Footlights, New Delhi, India

and more than 25 other productions...
Theater Companies, Past-Member of Open Fist Theatre Company, Theatre Neo, Theatre Geo;

Scene Study - (currently) Tim Conlon at BGB Studios, Cameron Thor, Zev Braun, Ted Walch. David Darlow: Actor's Institute, (Chicago);
Improvisation  - Jay Lacopo; Act One,
Voice Over, Commercial Techniques - Joanne Sylvestrak, and Cheryl Armstrong (Chicago) ;
Film & TV Auditioning and Acting Body Politic - Richard Kordos (Chicago);
Vocal Coaching William Rush, American Conservatory of Music (Chicago);
Indiana University, Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Fine Arts.